Uncover A Bunker Lurking Underneath A City

A journey into the unknown awaits you in the Republic of Belarus. Explore the crumbling Soviet Berlinko tunnels and abandoned military tunnels and bunkers and then head to our bunker and stock it with weapons and supplies that you find along the way.

Explore bunkers and other sites around the world

Burgs.com is the destination for exploring abandoned Cold War bunkers in the United States, including state-of-the-art remote observation posts, missile bases, bunkers used to monitor UFOs, and top-secret sites.

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Bunkers lying abandoned under Europe Streets

Find a selection of bunkers from the WW2 period in the form of a map.

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WW2 bunkers, Cold War ruins in Europe ★★★★★

Explores bunkers, airplane hangers, abandoned buildings, and more.

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Abandoned Bunker in the UK ★★★☆☆

Abandoned Cold War Nuclear Bunker with a Haven for Urban Explorers.

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Ⓐ Abandoned Cold War Bunker Sites Ⓐ

Outpost in the forgotten Soviet Union. Complete with fully stocked nuclear fallout shelter, nuclear bunker, socializers, assembly hall, reactor, Soviet youth sculpture.

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Bunkers are filled with human skeletons ★★★★★

Haunting Images of Abandoned WWII bunkers. Discover the ruins of Germany's suspenseful past. Fascinating photographs of abandoned WWII bunkers in Antarctica, Europe, North America, Africa, and Asia.

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Fully stocked abandoned Soviet Cold War Bunker ☣️

9 urban explorers take the plunge to explore an abandoned World War II bunker in Uruguay, previously untouched since its abandonment in 1951.

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Abandoned Bunker and Lost Places

These ancient bunkers were built with protection in mind, but now they're abandoned—and worth exploring.

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⛔ Abandoned Bunker Advent FERA - Wikiwand ⛔

A tour of abandoned bunker sites left over from the Cold War.

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World War II bunkers found under Europe Streets

Abandoned Cold War & WW2 Places: Abandoned Cold War & WW2 Places: Nuclear Bunkers.

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WW2 bunkers, Cold War ruins in Europe ★★★★★

Images show World War II bunkers that used to be abandoned under European Streets.

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✭ Abandoned cold war nuclear bunker, urbexing ✭

Teardowns & Abandoned World War II Bunker Near the Beach.

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Looking for abandoned bunkers anywhere in Europe.

Wreathed in secrecy, deep under the ice in what was once the backyard of the Soviet Union’s military headquarters, is a spelunker’s dream. The bunker has many long tunnels, air locks, and store rooms.

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The blog talks about these abandoned WWII bunkers

The nuclear bunker that spawned our show is now abandoned. But we think it's too cool to abandon. We want to show you what we found and hope we can take it to the next level to create a ghost hunt type show and secure future funding and production.

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⚛️ Explore the world's most haunting bunkers ⚛️

A photographic tour of abandoned Cold War bunker sites.

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This video explores Nazi Bunkers. ★★★★★

After WW2, governments have implemented bunker building for protection of members of government. But, these bunkers are always underground, because if they were made above ground, people would be able to "spot the building". That's why these man-made tunnels are usually underground.

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    World War II bunkers in what was once a crowded city street. Now abandoned, frozen in time, these tunnels are being frozen under Europe streets by resurfacing work.

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